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In 1861, after a horrible fall down a flight of stairs, he's forced to face the repercussions of the injury that's now snowballed into a lifelong problem. In agony, riddled with anxiety and unable to walk, his family search for treatment, unfortunately with the main goal of placating him rather than helping him. With little understanding of chronic pain and the conditions that cause this, debilitating drugs are prescribed, much to the dismay of the family members under the impression this situation is no more than an over-dramatization and want to save face.

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Albert Hughes is a well used, and much loved character, and while I use him much like a doll, putting him various worlds under various stressors, his original story, and origins in general lay within the Victorian era. 

The condition Albert is suffering from would not have had a name at the time this is set and would not be understood even if it had one. The symptoms and medications spoken about here are modelled after what I've experienced suffering from Complex Regional Pain Syndrome- a condition of the nerves that's often triggered by injury. It causes pain that is not only intense and disproportionate to that triggering injury, but pain that also has the potential to spread around the body. Even now, this condition is only understood so much- and it's often treated with potent medications. I've applied this first-hand experience to the research into Victorian views and treatments of the disabled, drugs and pain to produce this short, resolve lacking short story.

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