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My name is Alfie, 

I'm a recent NUA graduate and Illustrator with skills and interests in visual storytelling/comic creation and character heavy art and design, priding myself in my ability to convey character and emotions both literally and abstractly.

Offering a rougher and more imperfect style of artwork, I gel best with horror, period centric topics and grittier themes- and find work that's heavy in collaboration or work that relies on adapting concepts or text to be both fascinating and satisfying.

I suffer from a debilitating condition in one of my legs called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, which, due to affecting my mobility, health and mental health, has allowed me to focus on art and illustration as both a passion, coping mechanism and career path. It has acted as both a medium to vent, comfort and entertain, and I intend to continue a path of creativity as long as I live.

selfportraits no bg_edited.png

If you are interested in contacting me, whether it is concerning work, commission, projects or pre-existing work, or if you simply want to contact to have some questions answered or cleared up- you are able to contact me via the following means: 

For quick responses, I recommend direct messaging through Instagram. For more 'professional' enquiries I recommend ArtStation or Email. 


Instagram: smallhero_for_hire

ArtStation: Alfie Holman

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