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My name is Alfie,
and I'm a recent NUA graduate with a degree in illustration and a preference for narrative and character centred art.
I'm big into horror, tragedy, period settings and graphic novels/ comics/ webcomics, and aim to plant my feet in such themes and formats to provide for myself while entertaining others.


I suffer from a debilitating condition called CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome), that affects my everyday life, and I've found solace, support and escape through art. Now I have the opportunity to make art more professionally, I hope to make illustrating my full time profession.



If you're in need of an illustrator for a project please don't hesitate to contact.
For information on commissioning me or collaborating with me, or if you need to contact me to view my portfolio or with queries,
either message me on Instagram or send me an email.
I'll contact back as soon as possible.



Instagram: smallhero_for_hire

ArtStation: Alfie Holman

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