Thankfully I can draw more than just soldiers and their specific flavour of real life and historic horror. While I tend to lean towards focusing on the grim and nasty and period piece dramas, my work varies across many interests. My focuses within horror cover numerous unsettling topics- real life terror, body horror, the paranormal- my focuses on people span across literal, slice of life depictions all the way to symbolic shows of character. 

The gallery features a collection of works varying in focus and topic.

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For more information regarding myself, my conduct and experience, I can offer a brief insight into the person behind the work.


A young man is horrifically injured on the frontlines.
Close to death in an infirmary tent, he is offered two choices:
Be left to die, or be gifted a second chance.

Delirious from pain and blood loss, and ignorant to what another chance could entail, he chooses the latter.

Deadman's company is an ongoing graphic novel project headed by myself and film student Lewis Tebbitt.

While still under production, work for the project- posters, illustrations, sketches, conceptual art and tasters, can all be found in the graphic novel tab, and on social media.

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Somewhere in Devon in 1861 is a young man reeling from the repercussions of a recent injury that's snowballed into a lifelong problem. In agony, riddled with anxiety and currently unable to walk, his family search for treatment, unfortunately with the main goal of placating him rather than helping him. 
With little understanding of chronic pain, debilitating drugs are prescribed, much to the dismay of the family members under the impression this situation is no more than an over-dramatization.

This soon to be Webtoon Canvas endeavour dives into my personal interest in how disability and poor mental health was met with intense treatment and a 'suck it up or sweep it under the rug' attitude in the Victorian era. It's a short story, with little resolve, but serves as practise for bigger projects, and serves to entertain my own interests.